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Whiskered Wisdom

FELINE SAGES! Stories, poems, and photos of the cats who’ve shared the author’s life—delightfully FAT with LOVE & WISDOM. A people-friendly translation of their magnificent Meowese and Body Language! Whiskered Wisdom will:

Introduce you to precocious Mr. Edison who invents and coaches games at age 8 weeks> Entertain you with Isadora, a little prima donna dancer;

Awaken your childhood imagination with the tale of a basement band of cat drummers;

Make you laugh and cry over the cats who’ve touched your life & influenced your philosophy;

Enchant you with Shasta’s story (dumpster baby, abandoned and adopted uncounted times);

Help you get through the loss of a pet (too adventurous or too ill to stay any longer);

Slyly suggest you create a word-picture treasury of your own purrfurred, feathered, or finned family;

Encourage even greater love for your cats, for all cats, for all pets, for all animals;

Cherish the world even more because cats are in it!

“The pages of Whiskered Wisdom are filled with the closest to unconditional love I have ever felt…so connected to the feeling we all yearn for…it even embraces the difficult and painful phases in life….” – Sacha

“Peaches is one Beautiful Cat… Those eyes! Omg! Wow!”
– Rusty Kavendek

You have such a gift for putting my feline’s attitude into words. You must me a “mom” to a cat…otherwise you would not know the attributes of their ‘royal highnesses’!”
– Rita Ginocchio

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Little Star Sleeping

     “The heroine of Little Star Sleeping is Gracie Ann, a passionate seventeen-year old. She’s made some serious problems for herself and finds herself embroiled in family troubles. Her mother decides to pull her, unceremoniously, from her home in Wisconsin and set her down on a Native American reservation in the upper Mojave Desert. Gracie’s aunt—only dimly remembered--teaches there.
     Gracie meets the Native American healer; he seems to have been waiting for her. She is drawn from her rebellious unsociability into his sweat lodge, swept up in the power of the lodge, and soon pressed into aiding her aunt in the classroom, sharing the writing of poetry with the young ‘rez’ students—the ‘coyotes.’
     In spite of stubborn pride, Gracie has her heart pried open by love, a vision quest, and tragedy….
     A Native American reservation creates the perfect setting for this compelling coming-of-age novel. This is a book you don’t want to miss.”

Jane Elsdon, 2005 Poet Laureate of San Luis Obispo, California, and prize-winning author of poetry, short fiction, and seven books.

Note: Second Edition coming from Late Morning Press, summer 2018


Love Letter From a Poet in the High Sierra

     “If you read [Love Letter from a Poet to the High Sierra], and then were asked to point out its author in a crowd, you’d probably pick Eva Poole-Gilson. Small, strong, well-made and radiating vitality, this book is a written reflection of its author….Poole-Gilson brings us the exuberant vision of a newcomer, and an eagerness to be ravished by the beauty of her new surroundings.
     She defines herself by that world beyond the one of things and men, and in doing so, tells not just about herself and her experience, but about the immense body of nature to which she (and we) are vitally connected. Now I realize that this all sounds too numinous for words, but poets have recognized this power since at least the 8th Century, when Li Po enthused, ‘How I love to visit the mountains of renown!”

– Cese McGowan, The Fessenden Review

Letter from a Poet to the Most Beautiful Place in the World, came out in 1985. Because it caused a tiny stir, she republished it in 2007 as Love Letter from a Poet to the High Sierra, with another story: Poet on the Edge.

Second Edition of Love Letter from a Poet to the High Sierra coming from Late Morning Press, summer 2018.